Advanced Markets

Concentration: working with high net worth individuals, business owners, and their families. Along with charitable and non-profit organizations to be more efficient in their risk management and Tax planning

Services: I will provide the education to help you book the appointment, case design, and presentation as well as implementation

Cornerstone Financial Associates is an advisory and solutions-based company dedicated to helping high net worth individuals, business owners and their employees to develop comprehensive plans to proactively take advantage of the ever-changing business environment, market and tax codes. Our firm puts our clients’ needs first, working closely and collaboratively to create customized plans to not only meet short-term goals, but to also enhance earnings and savings via unique, and often unknown risk management and tax-saving strategies. Our mission is to help our clients earn more and keep more! We offer a broad range of services and specialize in:

Human Capital and Benefits: Cornerstone Financial Associates provides actuarial support, plan design, and administrative services for traditional pension and retirement savings plans. We also offer broad management consulting as well as initiatives to enhance executive benefits.

Benefit Delivery and Administration: Cornerstone Financial Associates takes the administrative strain and pressure off of internal business resources by utilizing relationships with strategic partners to provide enhanced primary and ancillary benefits for employees. Such services include but are not limited to medical, health savings, flexible-spending, tele-med, wellness programs and health-reimbursement for full and/or part-time employees.

Business Risk: All businesses are exposed to various risks, often those risks and how to deal with them are unknown. Business risks can significantly impact earnings and performance. Cornerstone Financial Associates identifies and establishes risk avoidance and protection strategies and determines the most effective and efficient products and services to alleviate business disruption. We provide consulting services in the areas of property and casualty, maximization of tax credits as well as business succession planning.

Captive and Reinsurance: Cornerstone Financial Associates works with small and mid-sized companies not only to assess traditional business risks but also to identify even unknown, remote risks that could prove catastrophic and disruptive to businesses. We assess the current traditional commercial insurance plans and provide creative alternatives to significantly expand coverage, gain economic efficiency, transfer risk and establish an additional revenue stream and profit center through use of existing premium payments.

Wealth Management: Cornerstone Financial Associates specializes in the development of customized estate plans to grow and transfer wealth across multi-generations while significantly avoiding capital gains and estate taxation. Our portfolio designs help maximize asset earnings and avoid market risk while simultaneously taking advantage of unique tax strategies to enhance assets and preserve the wealth in your portfolio.