Retirement Risks

Equivalent Portfolio Value

Going into retirement, you may face the issue of running out of money using traditional withdrawal methods. Watch this video to learn how to speed up your savings to what you really need, and have lifelong income.
If you plan on leaving behind a legacy for your loved ones, do you want that money to be lazy or actively grow in value? Watch how Bill and Jill put their money to work in different ways and how Jill uses alternative savings methods to leave behind a greater legacy.
Retirees are constantly caught off-guard assuming Medicare would cover their medical expenses. Instead, it is one of the biggest expenses retirees face. It is important to plan ahead and reduce your costs in retirement as much as possible!
Long lauded as the go-to withdrawal strategy, the 4% Rule simply doesn’t cut it in today’s investing climate. So what does it take to ensure your nest egg lasts for life? Watch our video to find out!
A market correction early in retirement can have devastating effects on your portfolio. You may even outlive your money. But there are strategies to generate income in retirement regardless of bear markets and market corrections. Watch the video to find out more!
With retirements becoming longer and longer, it is more and more difficult to plan for them. How long does your money need to last? 20 years? 30 years? This is referred to as longevity risk, and it multiplies all other risks. But there are strategies to counter it! Watch the video to find out more!
Deciding at what age to take social security benefits may be the most important decision you make when it comes to your retirement income. You can take them as early as 62, at full retirement age, at age 70, or at any age in-between. What are the benefits to each? Watch our video to find out!
What is inflation? What are the causes of it, and how can it be combated? How will inflation’s corrosive effects affect your retirement plan and lifestyle? Watch our video to find out!
The American tax code is long, convoluted, and subject to change at any moment. Your retirement plan should be flexible enough to withstand any sudden changes to the tax code to maximize your retirement income. Watch our video to discover how taxes affect different retirement plans and what you can do to reduce your lifelong tax bill.