Team Trainings

Navigating Estate Planning Essentials
Crucial estate planning strategies, emphasizing wills, trusts, and healthcare directives for all ages. Plus event updates!
ABC Product Training: A Guide to Retirement Planning
Discover ABC’s unique benefits, including guaranteed income and tailored suitability, compared to traditional portfolio strategies.
Financial Solutions Through Education
Emphasis on the importance of relationships and sharing love in personal and business settings.
Case Study: Concerns About Long-Term Care and Taxes
Mary and Craig are addressing long-term care and tax concerns by repositioning funds into annuities and using life insurance for security.
Rethinking Advisor Marketing to Generate More Scalable Growth
On the Ocean Stage, Michael Kitces, renowned for his insights, presents a fresh perspective on advisor marketing.
A Guide to Creating Effective CTAs with Robert Belcuore
Explore the range of topics focused on an attract-connect-engage-close-retain business-building process with ROI squarely in mind.
Effective Client Engagement and Follow-Up Strategies
Client engagement strategies: consistency, office meetings, emails, drip campaigns, follow-ups, and involving both spouses.
Boosting Success: Appointments, Referrals, and MGA Strategies
Team training emphasized securing appointments, requesting referrals, and using MGAs as a bond alternative.
Accumulation Phase Training with Robert Belcuore
Robert Belcuore takes the Cornerstone Team through the up-the-mountain process of how we present to our clients.