Major Illness Protection

Accumulation Phase

Distribution Phase

Major Illness Protection is an essential component of your retirement strategy that aims to safeguard you against one of the most significant risks associated with retirement – high medical costs. In an era where health-related expenses are continually on the rise, having a robust financial safety net is not just recommended but critical, especially considering the fact that we’re living longer and longer, meaning the chances of developing a debilitating disease or illness increases.
Unfortunately, medical insurance doesn’t cut it. We fill that gap through life insurance policies that possess living benefits you can utilize while still alive rather than benefits solely extended to your beneficiaries after your demise.
These living benefits alleviate the financial burden that may arise due to major illnesses. The costs associated with treating severe health conditions, such as heart attacks, strokes, or kidney failures, can be overwhelming and can significantly impact your retirement savings.
By including living benefits in your policy, we aim to cover these substantial medical expenses and ensure that you can focus on your health and recovery rather than worrying about finances.