Sequence of Returns Risk

Accumulation Phase

Distribution Phase

Retirement portfolios are often subject to market risks that can cause their value to fluctuate. However, these fluctuations can have a larger impact when you start withdrawing from these portfolios during retirement. If the market performs poorly early in your retirement, your portfolio might not recover sufficiently even if the market bounces back later, significantly impacting the longevity of your retirement funds.
A protection strategy is necessary to safeguard your retirement income against an unfavorable sequence of returns, especially during the early years of retirement. In practical terms, this means managing withdrawals from various investments in a way that is designed to minimize negative impacts on your portfolio during periods of poor market performance.
Alternatively, we can recommend vehicles that do not directly correlate with market returns or provide protection against losses. Furthermore, this strategy may provide a more predictable retirement income stream, which is especially beneficial for planning regular expenses and enjoying your retirement lifestyle.
By reducing exposure to a negative sequence of return risk, you can enjoy your retirement years without the constant worry about market performance eroding your savings prematurely.